Home Remedies To Cure Dandruff

Hair problems are a common problem among teenagers. Many hair problems are there but dandruff is a common and irritating problem. People do different treatments to get rid of dandruff but fail. You feel embarrassed when the white flakes are on your shoulders and head. You can see the problem of dandruff in everyone irrespective of the age difference. 

Dandruff can make our scalp dry and itchy and that can harm the growth and quality of hair. During the winter season, people face the problem of dandruff most. You can choose MEDICATED ANTI DANDRUFF SHAMPOO INDIA to cure dandruff. Let’s discuss some home remedies to cure dandruff. 

  • Coconut Oil And Lemon:- These are the two common ingredients that are used in every home remedy to cure different problems. These ingredients are suggested by our grandmother most of the time to cure dandruff. Coconut Oil has antifungal properties that fight dandruff. You can mix coconut oil and lemon juice in equal amounts to make it more beneficial.

  • Neem:- It is the best medicine to cure different problems. Old people mix neem with different ingredients for the treatment of many problems. Neem has antibacterial, antifungal properties in it and is best suited to cure dandruff. People prefer neem as it doesn’t have any side effects and is easily available. You boil neem leaves and then rinse hair with boiled water.

  • Yogurt:- This ingredient is available in every home and is not expensive. Yogurt has different properties that help us get rid of dandruff. It not only attacks dandruff but also promotes good hair growth. You can directly apply it to your scalp or mix with some other ingredients and then apply it. You just have to apply and then rinse with hot water. 

  • Aloe Vera:- One of the top listed ingredients in home remedies to treat different problems. Aloe vera nourishes the skin and reduces the feeling of itchiness that was caused due to dandruff. Aloe vera has antifungal and antimicrobial properties that are used to treat dandruff. You can apply natural aloe vera or purchase it from the market. Aloe vera is used in the form of a mask and soothes your hair.

  • Fenugreek Seeds:- These seeds are the best home remedy for hair problems. It treats the problem of dandruff and promotes hair growth. It has properties that can cure dandruff and nourishes your hair. You have to soak these seeds overnight and then grind them in the morning. After that, you can mix it with other ingredients and apply it to your scalp.

  • Tea Tree Oil:- Tea tree oil acts as a beneficial agent for the treatment of dandruff. It has such properties it that can help to cure dandruff. You shouldn’t apply it directly to your hair otherwise it can cause itchiness. 

So these are the few home remedies that are used to cure dandruff. You should cure dandruff on time otherwise it can cause other problems in the future. Many medicated shampoos are available in the market for the treatment of dandruff but KETOMAC ANTI DANDRUFF SHAMPOO is the best.