Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Extreme

Lenovo’s ThinkPad X1 Extreme is one of the most powerful laptops for business that you can get. With the latest Intel HP-series of processors, NVIDIA GTX graphics and large memory and storage configurations, there’s nothing else you can request.



  • High-quality specifications at every level, with numerous configuration options
  • Quad HDPlus display with aspect ratio of 16:10 at the base level , with the option of 4K
  • Surprisingly thin


  1. A little expensive
  2. There is no option to support touch input for the Quad HD+ display.

Lenovo Yoga 6 grey background

It’s not often that a firm is able to put a lot of effort into creating an AMD-powered laptop. However, this Lenovo Yoga 6 is a fantastic convertible if you’re an AMD enthusiast.

 It’s light and has an unique design that’s guaranteed to attract attention and feel fantastic when you hold it.

Let’s discuss the performance first. It’s a great processor. Lenovo Yoga 6 is equipped with AMD’s most current Ryzen series processors that can go up to Ryzen 5 5700U. Check out panasonic projector price online in India

It’s disappointing that we don’t have the more advanced and robust Zen 3 models, like that of Ryzen 5 5800U, but this isn’t an inferior processor. 

It’s still an 8 core 16 thread CPU that’s more than double the amount you’ll find on any of Intel’s 15W processors. 

Additionally, you’ll get integrated graphics using AMD Radeon. The rest of the specifications include the capacity of up to 16GB RAM as well as 1TB SSD which is an ideal recipe for a pleasant experience overall.

Its display Yoga 6 

is also going to provide you with a good experience for the majority of use. It’s a Full HD (1920 x 1080) display, and you do not have any upgrade options however, considering that it’s a 13.3 inch screen it’s not a major negative in any way. 

It’s also an IPS panel like any convertible panel, it also has a touchscreen. In addition to the display, there’s the webcam at 720p, and however, it’s missing the IR camera to use with Windows Hello. 

This is a little more acceptable given the fairly inexpensive price of this model, however. In terms of sound, you’ll receive two stereo speakers, which include Dolby Atmos capability.

Although you’re not able to use facial recognition, Yoga 6 Yoga 6 does give you an option to use a fingerprint reader. So you’re not out of options if you are looking for a simpler method to secure your computer. Check out bezel laptop price online.

Like you’d expect, it’s located on the side of the device so that it’s easy to access regardless of whether you’re using your gadget as a laptop or tablet. 

On the sides are two USB Type-A ports as well as two USB Type-C ports that are both connected to a screen, however only one of them can be used to charge the gadget.

The laptop doesn’t have Thunderbolt support, as this is an AMD-powered laptop, which is to be expected. There’s also an audio jack, which means you have a decent selection of ports, but not the most impressive one.

The most distinctive feature that is unique to this Lenovo Yoga 6 is arguably its design. It’s a convertible of course, and is available in one color, Abyss Blue.

Although the laptop’s entire interior is blue, the lid is covered with fabric instead of cold metal, giving it a more comfortable feeling to the touch , and an aesthetically appealing appearance that you can’t find everywhere in the market. 

The entire lid is covered with fabric, and it is wrapped around the cornersIt looks very nice. It’s also a lightweight and thin convertible that measures 18.2mm at its widest point, and weighs about 2.91lbs.

If you’re an AMD fan , but need a laptop that has a distinct design, while being lightweight and portable, the Lenovo Yoga 6 is an ideal choice. You can purchase it here or browse through other models on Lenovo’s site.

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