Android 12 Scrolling Screenshots Problems with the Scrolling Screenshot on Android 12? How do I Fix it?

Scrolling Screenshots Google has released Android 12 for all owners of the Pixel 3 or newer models, and the most recent mobile OS developed by Google has more than just a fresh coat of paint. Apart from changing the look and feel of Pixels, Android 12 has made them more efficient than ever before. One of these features is the new option ‘Capture mode,’ which allows you to capture scrolling images directly on a Pixel device, which users have been asking for for a long time.

Some people have expressed concern that the scrolling screenshots feature isn’t working on their smartphones because the option to capture in ‘Capture mode’ isn’t available when taking screenshots for Android 12. In this article, we’ll guide you through this issue so you can go back to taking long-length screenshots the way you had planned.

Android 12 Scrolling Screenshots aren’t working? Do you know why?

Scrolling screenshots are a standard feature of Pixel phones running Android 12. However, certain users aren’t able to utilize this function on their devices. There are several instances where users have reported that the “Capture mode” option to capture scrolling images occurs only occasionally or does not appear in any way. If you’re among those that are experiencing this problem, here are some of the reasons this might be being shared by you:

You may be taking screenshots of your Recents screen.

The screen that you’re trying to capture might not be scrollable.

The screen you are trying to capture could contain sensitive information.

The application you’re trying to take lengthy scrolling screenshots might not be compatible with the latest scrolling screen capture feature.

You could still be operating Android 12 on your Pixel device.

5 ways to fix scrolling screen images that aren’t working with Android 12

If you’re unable to utilize the “Capture mode” option on Android 12, you can resolve it by following one of the below methods.

Fix #1: Be aware of the correct way to do it.

The first thing you need to do to be sure you do when taking screenshots is to master the feature initially on Android 12. Because scrolling screenshots are an inbuilt feature on the latest version of Android, you can utilize it by first opening the screen you wish to capture and then taking the Capture on Android. Once a screenshot is taken, its preview will be displayed in the lower-left corner of your screen.

If the screen you’re on is compatible with the feature, you will be able to see the ‘Capture More’ option beside the preview of your screenshot. To take a lengthy image, tap this “Capture more opportunity.

Then, you can extend the total area you want to capture by moving the bottom and top edges. We’ve put together a thorough tutorial on capturing scrolling screenshots, which you can find in the article linked below.

Fix #2: Use the physical buttons on your phone to scroll screen shots

The new “Capture more” option appears to be available when you activate the screenshot function with the phone’s physical buttons and that’s when you tap this combination: Volume button and Power button. The “Capture more option when you click on “Screenshot” from within the Recents screen.

We believe this is the situation because taking pictures of apps using the Recents screen will place the app into the background, thereby removing scrolling images. The app is only visible when you press those physical buttons on your Meeysoo p45 pro phone, and only then are you able to take scrolling screenshots with Android 12.

Fix #3: Ensure that the screen can be scrolled

To take scrolling screenshots, you must ensure the display you’re planning to capture the ability to scroll. If the screen you’re on isn’t filled with information to browse through, then you will not get the “Capture more option when you activate the screenshot feature on your smartphone. If your screen is just one page to be captured and saved, the ‘Capture More’ option will not appear in this case.

Fix #4: Check if the app you are using supports scrolling screenshots

We’ve tested the scrolling screenshot feature in various apps running Android 12. These are the ones that work with the “Capture more” option: Contacts Facebook, Files, Gmail, Instagram, Spotify, Phone, Photos, Podcasts, Twitter, Telegram, Youtube, and Youtube Music. You can also look for other apps with this “Capture more option could appear.

Some apps cannot support the scrolling screen feature, which is available in the Google Chrome app that comes pre-installed on Pixel phones & new age chargers. Similar can be said for other browsers, such as Firefox and Brave and Brave, which do not offer the “Capture more” option when you hold the Power and Volume down buttons together.

Fix #5: Update your smartphone to most recent version

The ability to take scrollable screenshots was available from the very first beta builds of Android 12. However, beta versions are not stable and are constantly displaying issues, and the only solution is to update your Pixel phone to the most recent stable version. If you’re still running Android 12 beta firmware on your Pixel phone, you can upgrade to the official version, which is Android 12, by going to Settings > System > System Update.