Computers And Tablets in Schools, Are They Covered by Insurance?

If parents ask of schools for something, it is that, in addition to being a place for learning, they should also be a safe space. Both students and teachers spend a very significant part of their lives at school and insurance is present all the time. What does insurance protect in schools? We will tell you about it in this post:

First of all, we must bear in mind that the school is an asset, a building, with its container and content. Consequently, the center’s management deciding to deal with the damage that may occur alone is not a good idea. There is multi-risk insurance for schools, nurseries, and training centers to assume this risk.

This type of insurance does not differ much from other multi-peril insurance. As a primary element, they protect damage to the building and, exceptionally, that damage trident that is the most common in any structure: water damage, glass breakage, and electrical damage. From there, school insurance can also include coverage for machinery breakdown, as a school can house complex and expensive machines whose repair is a real headache. And, of course, the damage caused by meteorological events, since rain, snow and wind do not pass by because it is a school.

Laptops and tablets, the new protagonists in schools

In content protection, many elements can be protected depending on the contract. The money that is kept in the school can be stolen, as digital tablets and even textbooks can be stolen, especially when they have just been received and are collected; Likewise, objects owned by students that, for one reason or another, the school is guarding may be covered by this multi-risk insurance. Another element that may be present in the contracts is the assets of the AMPA, assuming you have them. Likewise, coverage related to damage to fixed computer assets, such as projectors or digital whiteboards, or personal computers used by teachers and students, is gaining more and more weight.

In this sense, many companies have expanded their coverage or even created specific insurances to protect the screens, increasingly replacing the traditional textbook. In addition to theft, insurance can protect against falls or impacts, screen breakage, water damage or power surges, etc.

Another chapter to protect is the staff, both the teacher and the non-teacher. You may suffer accidents or other types of situations that require assistance or repair.

The evasion of each school can lead to specific protections. For example: depending on whether the school provides kitchen services, it may be necessary to protect the refrigerated items, which may suffer unexpected damage or deterioration due to various causes, the main one being an electrical failure. Likewise, if the school is a private business, it may, like any business of this nature, want to protect its income if it finds itself in a situation where it cannot provide its education services and, consequently, cannot change what is expected. This type of specific insurance can be contracted by the regional administration, in the case of public centers, or included in the enrollment, in the case of private centers. That is, regardless of who assumes the cost,