5 Issues Everyone Knows About Golf Balls That You do not

While wedge distance was also generally tight, there was still nearly 4 yards between the longest (Maxfli Tour) and shortest (Cut Blue) balls. You might have lost speed in these years but choosing the correct ball can make you still look confident and professional while golfing. Most beginners will have a swing speed that is on the lower end of the spectrum. On high-speed irons shots, the Kirkland 3-piece and Volvik S4 are essentially outliers; significantly lower launch and higher spin than the other balls tested. The extreme spin of the Pinnacle Range balls is a great example of why they shouldn’t be used in a fitting environment. The low compression set is notable for its low spin, though the 2 Callaway offerings are on the low end of the average range. Testing was completed over the course of three days and included 34 tour quality urethane golf balls, plus two premium ionomer offerings. Bright colored Golf balls (pink, orange, yellow) are the easiest to find on the course, but only white golf balls are regulation quality. You are sure to find a bag of your choice at amazingly low prices.

In summary, golf balls and other associated products can make a fabulous choice for a corporate gift or promotional product. Promotional golf accessories can also be useful products if your company is sponsoring a local event. Taking the time to properly maintain these well-designed products would help you in improving your overall golf game. Carrying a set of these balls will help you forget about the wear and tear during the games. The Snell MTB-X is notable for being several yards longer than the next closest ball, while the low compression set is appreciably shorter than the average. Look for designs that have a lower spin ratio as this will help in being as accurate as possible. The Snell MTB X is notable for being among the lowest spinning off the driver, but among the highest spinning balls off the wedge. Using a Golf Laboratories Swing Robot, balls were tested with a driver, 7-iron, and sand wedge. Full flight data was captured using a Trackman 4 launch monitor.

Maximize flight time with these balls. The core of the ball is responsible for responsive flight and launch. The launch and spin chart should prove particularly useful for those of you looking to identify something that might perform better for you than what you’re currently playing. On high-speed iron shots, the lower compression set launches higher with less spin, though a couple of mid-to-high compression balls (TaylorMade TP5X, Vice Pro Plus) can also be described as high launch and low spin (depending on speed). On wedge shots, the Mizuno RB Tour X, Kirkland Signature 3-Piece, and Volvik S4 again produced the highest spin rates. Those balls were the Bridgestone Tour B RX and Tour B RXS, Callaway Chrome Soft and Chrome Soft X, Kirkland Signature 3-Piece, Maxfli Tour and Tour X, MG Tour C4, Mizuno RB and RB Tour X, Snell MTB-X, Srixon QStar Tour and ZStar XV, TaylorMade TP5X, Titleist AVX and Tour Soft (Ionomer), and Vice Pro Plus. Compression testing of urethane covered ball models also uncovered significant variation (standard deviations above 2.5) in several models, including Callaway Chrome Soft, Cut Grey, Maxfli Tour X, Vice Pro Plus, and Volvik S3.

For this test, we’ve also included standard deviations for the same metrics, which can provide a general idea of consistency. For this test, it represents the area (measured in yards2) of a 2-sigma confidence ellipse. At the conclusion of the test, data was checked for missing or anomalous results and aggregated. We’ve also provided launch monitor data as well as dispersion and compression data. For those who want to dive deeper, we’ve provided several views into our data. Whichever method you choose to buy golf clubs, always take advice from a golfer friend or someone who knows the game and the equipment. The only thing you should change is golf equipment. The main thing you need to think about when it comes to buying golf balls is ‘squidge’. When it comes to the cover material of your golf ball, you’ve got two main choices – Urethane and Suryln. You’ve got one of the most passionate fan bases in America. When you buy used golf balls you have a greater choice of savings when you decide between like new discount golf balls (AAA), good playable golf balls (AA), practice golf balls, or the ever popular hit away golf balls (aka, one hitters, our 18 cent ball).