Can You Write A Book For Your PhD Dissertation?

The PhD dissertation results from hard work, countless efforts and time. A valuable PhD dissertation should end up with publication. The publication of a PhD dissertation shows the worth of the research. Universities don’t award degrees to students who don’t publish their work. Thus, publishing is mandatory to get your doctorate. The publication can be in any form, e.g., book, article, or research paper. This article will only talk about publishing a book based on your dissertation.

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List of PhD Dissertation Services

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Publication of PhD Dissertation

The publication is necessary to earn a doctorate degree. Now, you would be thinking about how can you publish a dissertation. There are two ways to do this. The first way is to publish the research in a journal in the form of a research paper. The second way is a bit more complex, i.e., publishing in the form of a book. Most of the PhD scholars prefer to go for journals. The rate of book publication is less. But yes, it happens. The book publication can be in different ways. Let’s discuss each way briefly.

PhD dissertation and book

A dissertation always covers a large audience. A researcher has to develop a good problem statement worth reading and investigating. A book doesn’t have a problem statement but an idea. Good communication is what is required to engage an audience throughout the book. In the case of a PhD dissertation, it can be a little tricky. But you have to keep each aspect of book writing in your mind.

Ensure book structure

The format of the dissertation and book is not the same. Try to understand this point before you start writing a book. In the dissertation, you must write an abstract and an introduction. But in the book, you are not supposed to write both. Also, there is no need to write a separate chapter with the title of the conclusion, as you do in the dissertation. In short, you have to change the structure of writing in the case of a book.

The book’s purpose is the same as a dissertation. The author addresses the same problem and discusses the same results. As everything has its own set of guidelines and requirements, the same is the case with the book. The guidelines and requirements of a book are far demanding and complex than a dissertation. If you face any problem structuring a book, you can ask for the best PhD dissertation helps online.

Rule of Thumb for Book Publication

In the case of book publication, you do not have to start explaining technical aspects at the start of writing. The dissertation starts with background information and a descriptive discussion on the research topic. But in the book, you have to start writing in an attractive way. This is a rule of thumb for writing a book. Engage your reader and then start building the conceptual discussion slowly.

Ensure clarity in your writing

You can follow some tricks to make your writing clear and concise. We are talking about transforming a book into a dissertation. There are many uncommon things between a dissertation and a book. In the form of a book, you will have a different audience. Keep the focus on important and major aspects. Best PhD dissertation helps online have so many experts for every subject. They can guide you the best for your book publication.