8 Greatest Election Fraud Errors You’ll be able to Simply Avoid

On Saturday night, the Arizona Audit War Room Twitter page tweeted out that America’s Audit had reached a HUGE MILESTONE! Bloomberg reported Saturday that Hoft was photographed at Trump’s “Save America” rally on Jan. 6, ahead of the violent mob attack at the Capitol, in which several people died amid the chaos. Notably, it has not reviewed the subtotals from so-called poll tapes on each of the voting machines used on Election Day (when 168,000 people voted). The petition also references Absolute Proof by Mike Lindell, a documentary that spotlights Mary Fanning’s investigative reporting that claims IP addresses from foreign adversaries, including China, tampered with voting machines and switched votes in Pennsylvania and other states. A Twitter spokesperson confirmed the news to The Hill, citing “repeated violations” of its policy that bars users from tweeting messages “for the purpose of manipulating or interfering in elections or other civic processes,” including misinformation regarding the outcome of an election. After Selectmen voted 3-1 to choose Lindeman, many came out to voice opposition, including Selectman Bruce Breton who endorsed Jovan Pulitzer for the job instead. People should be able to walk into the ballot box thinking “my vote counted, my voice was heard”.

If not, take a vote away from the candidate who received the improper credit and credit the proper candidate. The audit will include a hand recount of all 2.1m ballots cast in the county, a process expected to take months. Will Pennsylvania become the second domino to fall? After viewing the process of a real election audit in Arizona, the delegation from Pennsylvania responded. A delegation from Pennsylvania is set on Wednesday to tour the audit taking place in Arizona’s largest county. Yesterday, The Gateway Pundit reported that Pennsylvania sent a delegation to Arizona for an on-the-scene tour of the audit facility, broken first by Christina Bobb on One America News. Twitter has banned The Gateway Pundit and its founder, Jim Hoft, from the platform. Twitter has suspended Jim Hoft, of the right wing website Gateway Pundit. Gateway Pundit was among the conservative media outlets that had advanced unsubstantiated claims from former President Trump and his allies of widespread voting irregularities and voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election. Twitter on Tuesday officially suspended the MyPillow company Twitter account after founder Mike Lindell used it to make several posts attacking Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and promoting claims of election fraud.

Though Bennett has sought to emphasize the Senate’s separation from the private fundraising efforts, an official Twitter account run by the legislative body last month tweeted out a link to Byrne’s fundraising website, urging followers to “join the tens of thousands of Americans who are helping fund this audit.” When asked about the tweet by Arizona Central, Bennett said it shouldn’t have been promoted on the Senate Twitter feed. The move came just one week after Lindell’s personal account was suspended. Voter registration lists contain myriad personal information about eligible voters-including names, addresses, dates of birth, driver’s license numbers, political affiliations, and partial Social Security numbers-that could be used by foreign or domestic adversaries in any number of ways.23 Moreover, while electronic poll books have been shown to increase efficiency and reduce wait times at polling places, they are subject to tampering and malfunction, as is true with any electronic system.24 Guarding voter registration systems against hacking and manipulation is therefore critically important to protecting the right to vote and voter privacy.

As a noteworthy aside, in a unanimous vote last week, Guy, along with other Antrim County Commissioners, voted to keep Dominion voting machines “on ice” and hand count all ballots cast in the upcoming May 4 primary, which some officials acknowledged may defy state law. On Thursday, the Arizona state Senate announced they had hired four different companies to perform a forensic audit along with a hand recount of the 2020 election results in Maricopa County. But this week, three Republican lawmakers traveled to Phoenix to get a firsthand look at a controversial partisan review of last year’s election in Maricopa County, Ariz., which has been underway for months. If you are going to turn over every rock and look at every possibility, there is a lot of evidence that hasn’t been looked at,” said Tom Murray, a contractor from Windham who was watching the audit. The audit kicked off last month even though county election officials had conducted two previous audits and found no evidence of widespread fraud or other issues. “After checking, and geographically identifying, each address in the State Reapportionment Office, Laurel Ellison has verified that all Habersham County voters’ addresses are in the proper House district and that no errors were found in the maps when conducting this latest verification effort,” says Anderson.