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Tiger Corner William – Jackson: I hope to renew your long-term team with the teamCincinnati Matulators William – Jackson Jackson is still insisting on the shoulders of the shoulders of the shoulders last season. After the end of the season, he accepted the operation.

“They choose to implement my fifth year contract, so I am very lucky,” Jackson said. “I just want to play, I have to be happy and then it is natural. I love it in Cincinnati. I feel very comfortable. They have a great coach team, I also have a great teammate.”

NFL official website reporter Ian Libott said that he was told to Galt on Thursday “Good”. The coach-Jackson and the defensive coordinator Greg Williams have listened to the injury of Gret to continue to the training camp. Galert is now six weeks to ensure complete recovery before the training camp begins.

Jackson got 37 cocked 1 time in the last season and three times destroyed. After the Tiger Selects the Fifth Year Contract option, he is very critical in the new season. He hopes that he can get a long stay.

Reduce mistakes. cheap jerseys From china the regular game leader to the playofty “down dog”, the eagle is not seen in the cause: Nick Falls, and in the national contest, the eagle still will be seen, the reason is still Nick-Wolls.

Sanchez makes the eagle’s offense more high-speedAs Mark Sanchez became the team’s first four-point guard, the festival of Philadelphia eagle also became faster. Catholic Chip Kelly always requires the team to design a lot of details before the game, so that you can attack the rhythm of the opponent through the unconstraffy. During the four-guards of Nick Foles, the team already had a very good attack speed. They often have the opponent to make unexpected attacks.

Haiying team has three ways to study the method of restraining Gelron.Seattle Hawks seem to understand that I want to completely limit the new England Patrioper Team Cloud Rob, Rob Gronkowski, is almost impossible, but they still think about various ways to try to drop Grony To the lowest.

In fact, the Haiying team who is defensive and long is not afraid of the opponent. Wright said: “Our specialties have encountered their specialties, strong and touch me or think that our star safety Slee will be the last winner, we will Strive to prevent Gerron from picking to any pass. “

Pete Carroll said Monday, he spent a long time to study the various editing videos of Geron, in order to develop a weekend defensive plan. Carol said: “He is really a big child close-up, really is too comprehensive.” Although Carol is that the Haiying team is not disadvantage in the opposition of Gulong, because the external guard Kj Wright ( KJ Wright) and Bruce Irvin are all high-top defensive players, which is the same as Kam Chancellor.

49 people will arrange Garbit first face the HawksSan Francisco 49 people this week’s first four-point Webbert use the actual performance to win a continuous first chance. Jim Tomsula decided in the afternoon of Monday in the local time, Gaburt will continue in the next game. On the 10th week, 49 people will usher in the court, while the 11th week of their opponents will be Seattle Hawks.

It is difficult for you to blame the American Tiger’s defensive group to lose so much, even if their mistakes have also let the steel people get up to 3 points in the last moment, and pull the score gap to 3 points.

Data show that Sanchez has become a quarter-off, and the eagle averages 15.2 seconds per gear. At the same time, Sanchez is also less than Work at the time of the time. Previously, Falls had criticized due to the time of holding the ball, and Sanchez made up the team’s previous shortcomings through its own characteristics. Of course, Sanchez is only played in 2 games, and more data samples are required to prove the previous conclusions. This week, Eagle’s opponent is Green Bay packaging. We are curious, if Sanchez can continue well, is Kelly is willing to provide a long-term job for Sanchez.

Although the original Tom Sula replaces the first reason to adjust the body and mind to Colin Kaepernick, Gaburt has proved that he can help the team to win. In the past 3 times in Katnik, 49 people have got a ball for 27 times but they can’t complete.

Despite the prizes like Viking and the American Tiger, the eagle defensive group has made three different teams in the past three different teams. If they can suppress the attack groups that the Viking Talent is not superb, such as Falls does not need to win a lot of points for the team.

The American Tiger is not the best defensive team of the league. They manufactured the number of balls of the ball and the second, the murder of the league, and the averaging league is second, the average loss of the league is second. However, so many second, enough to tell the steel man: facing the American tiger, not dead, it also caught the layers.

In the last week’s game, Garbert did not be killed, and she won 2 reached, 25 times completed the pass. Although no one will think that Garbert can become a core quarter-off of 49 people to rebuild the road, but at this stage, his performance is really enough to help him win. Relevant persons believe that 49 people will trade in the future of the four-point guards, once Golde is downturn, Cape Nick can return to the first time.