Stinky Tent? 7 Tips on How to Clean a Tent That Smells

Tips for Cleaning a Tent That Smells

a way to easy a dirty tent

Prevention is Key

If you’re uninterested in cleansing your tent each and on every occasion you are taking it out of storage, then you may want to mirror on attention on and forestall what’s causing the odor within the first place.

The maximum common cause that your tent stinks is because of moisture. You either packed it away at the same time as it became nonetheless damp, or saved it in a way that allowed moisture to seep inner its box.

Keep in thoughts that just due to the fact it is able to not have rained in the course of you’re camping trip doesn’t recommend that your tent didn’t get wet. Chances are that earlier than you awakened, it was protected in morning dew.

This little little bit of moisture, if not allowed to absolutely dry, might be simply the aspect that triggers mold or mold to begin developing for your tent, not to mention, motive that musty scent which you hate.

Here are a few tips for stopping odors:

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Purchase a tent footprint. This maintains your tent from getting broken or from rain water collecting beneath your tent.

If it does rain or maybe there’s morning dew, try and supply your tent a wipe down in preference to searching forward to it to dry or packing it up wet. If you do % it up wet, unpack it and permit it dry as quickly you arrive on your subsequent vacation spot. Never forget about to let it dry.

Have a no meals or footwear rule even as going into your tent. This keeps crumbs and moisture from getting interior and being forgotten approximately. Moisture and food are the 2 topics that could invite mould and mold to broaden inner of your tent.

Once you arrive domestic, don’t just placed your tent away. Make positive to smooth your tent after each long adventure. If you do widely talking short trips, make certain to smooth it as a minimum as quickly as for each season that you take it out.

Gently spot smooth any grimy regions as quickly as you may. This will make odors tons less possibly to show up. And as usually, ensure at the same time as you see smooth, you supply it lots of time to dry.

Never Wash Your Tent in a Washing Machine

This should pass without pronouncing, however I hate to confess that I tried this earlier than actually to look if it’d paintings. In my defense it changed into simply an take a look at and I did use an vintage tent for the check. I’ll simply say that I wouldn’t advise it.

Although the tent that I used have become antique and now not an high-priced emblem, I’m pretty positive the consequences would be the equal no matter how actual of brilliant the tent turn out to be. Tents are certainly not made for tumbling and spinning round in washing machines.

Should You Use Soap or Go All Natural

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There are ways to easy a tent. When I first commenced doing studies on the manner to smooth my tent, I determined which you most effective need to clean it with a slight detergent cleansing cleaning soap. A lot of human beings have been recommending dish soap. You don’t need to spring for the pricey stuff, the Dollar hold logo will artwork simply pleasant.

If you could, opt for one that has a slight perfume or maybe one that’s perfume free. It’s widely identified that fragrances can appeal to unwanted bugs, which includes mosquitoes, that’s some thing you honestly need to keep away from.

Another method, is to apply a non-chemical solution made from vinegar, lemon juice, and water. After cleaning my tent numerous times, that is my preferred method. To me it simply works better, not to mention, you shop a hint time due to the fact you don’t have to wash any suds away.

Handwashing Your Tent

If you’re tent is virtually grimy, you’re going to want to spend a touch greater time in getting it smooth. This approach that you’ll have to use a piece elbow grease scrub the grimy areas with a soft, non-abrasive sponge. For this, I like to apply a twig bottle.

Hand wash the outer fabrics and keep away from scrubbing the underside of the tent fly as you may become unfavorable the water resistant coating. Never scrub too hard, continually be mild with it since you could become unfavourable your tent in case you are too difficult with it. Keep in thoughts even as cleansing, that tents are less tough to easy in case you’re capable of pitch it.

While they make chemical answers for spot cleaning tough stains on tents, I though choose the use of both cleansing cleaning soap and water, or the lemon juice and vinegar answer.

What if My Tent Has Mold or Mildew

If your tent come to be stored away and it changed into still even simply slightly damp, there’s a superb threat that mildew, or perhaps worse, mold has fashioned on it. No hassle!

You can use the equal vinegar that you used for soaking your tent in. The best difference is you’ll want to pour the vinegar into a sprig bottle (without diluting) at the side of some lemon juice and spray the trouble regions. Let it sit down for about an hour, then rub it clean with a soft sponge.

The acid within the vinegar and lemon juice will kill the mold or mold spores, making your tent relaxed to be used once more.

The different alternative is to use a mildew and mould stain remover collectively with Starbrite.

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How to Store Your Tent Properly

Smelly tents are a campers nightmare, specifically in the occasion that they have got mold developing on them. The extraordinary manner that I’ve found out to prevent this from taking place, is to make sure your tent is genuinely dry earlier than storing it.

When I p.C. My tent up at the campsite and load it up, that’s not my way of storing it for the winter!

Once I get domestic, I deliver it an notable wash and allow it to dry inside the solar, assuming the weather cooperates. If the climate is not so particular, I’ll located up the tent in my storage and allow it to dry for at least 24 hours, occasionally longer in advance than I percentage it up for accurate.

Once I enjoy confident that it’s dry, I percentage it in a plastic container similar to the Plano Sportsman’s 108 qt Storage Trunk.

Also, in case you’re going to be storing it in an area that’s prone to moisture, consisting of an attic, basement, or outside shed, it’s a first rate concept to throw in a couple of Arm & Hammer baking soda bags to assist control the moisture.

For the times that your tent’s no longer being used, this will not best save you it from stinking, however may additionally help to save you mold from developing on it.


I’m pretty certain that all of the hints in this article are secure for ninety nine.Nine% of all tents being supplied nowadays. However, ensure which you take a look at your tent producers cleaning commands before cleansing your tent, mainly in case you plan on using any kind of chemical substances!

Having to clean a tent that smells isn’t always plenty fun, in particular if you have to do it in advance than a much expected tenting experience with the circle of relatives. You have enough to do in getting geared up for the adventure with out this greater chore.

The correct statistics is that with a little greater paintings on the end of every ride, you can prevent the trouble of getting to smooth a smelly tent each time that you take it out of garage.