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Investors’ capital increased by Rs. 800 crores

The capital marketplace changed into uneasy at the start of the farewell week because of the rumors of giving up the restrict or ground charge of the percentage charge.

However, there has been no choice to boost the ground charge, after the assertion through the chairman of the marketplace regulator Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission (BSEC) Professor Shibli Rubaiyat-ul Islam, the united states of america’s capital marketplace back to remedy after overcoming the discomfort.

As a result, each the markets traded withinside the first week of September with an upward fashion on maximum of the days. By growing the index, the brand new capital of the traders has multiplied through approximately 800 crore rupees. Although the index has multiplied, the percentage expenses and transactions of maximum groups have reduced. This photograph is visible withinside the weekly marketplace analysis. Investors’ capital

According to DSE data, a complete of 5 enterprise days had been traded withinside the outgoing week (September four to eight). In those 5 running days, days of charge fall and 3 days of index upward push.

In those 5 days, the index fell through 18 factors on the primary day of the week. On this day, the primary and a 1/2 of hours had been traded thru the upward push of the index. Since then there were surprising marketplace rumors that the ground charge has been lifted.

The index started out to fall, a lot in order that the index fell from seventy eight factors plus (increase) to ninety six factors to 6,489 factors. Which is eighteen factors much less than the preceding day. Investors’ capital

Later, while the problem changed into added to the eye of the regulatory body, the media knowledgeable withinside the night that no choice has been taken to do away with the imposed ground charge.

There is a rumor that the ground charge has been lifted withinside the marketplace, and they may be seeking to take advantage. Actually no choice changed into taken to boost the ground charge. The ground charge constant to save you a fall in capital markets will stay in vicinity till similarly notice.

Even then, the charge did now no longer stop, however the subsequent day, on Monday, the charge fell even more. On this day, the index reduced through fifty eight factors.

In order to boost the marketplace from this situation, the BSEC referred to as the service provider banks, dealer homes and knowledgeable them that no choice has been taken to boost the ground charge. This is to tell the traders and decrease the promoting of the stocks through the traders.

Since then, the capital marketplace of the united states of america commenced to show around. As a result, the subsequent 3 days on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday ended with the index buying and selling in an upward fashion.

A general of 395 groups’ stocks had been traded withinside the Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) all through the mentioned week. Of those, sixty eight groups’ proportion expenses multiplied, 265 reduced, and fifty four had been unchanged.

The predominant index of DSE multiplied through fifty one.forty one factors from the preceding week to 6,560 factors withinside the outgoing week as the percentage expenses of maximum groups multiplied.

Among the opposite indices of DSE, DSES index multiplied through 32 factors to 1,441 factors and DS-30 index multiplied through 70 factors to 2,376 factors in comparison to the preceding week.

The marketplace capitalization (capital) multiplied through 779 crore 35 thousand 965 taka withinside the outgoing week because the index and maximum of the groups’ proportion expenses multiplied. In the preceding week, the capital multiplied through eight thousand 644 crore ninety seven lakh seventy six thousand 359 taka.

The marketplace capitalization at the start of the week changed into 521 thousand 885 crore 34 lakh ninety eight thousand 266 rupees. After buying and selling on Thursday, the closing running day of the week, the capital stood at Tk five lakh 22 thousand 664 crore 35 lakh 34 thousand 231. The capital has multiplied through 15 percent.

In the outgoing week, the full transaction in DSE changed into Tk nine thousand ninety one crore 22 lakh sixty one thousand 616. Last week’s transaction changed into nine thousand 514 crore fifty four lakh thirteen thousand 164 taka. That is, 423 crores 31 lakhs fifty one thousand 548 rupees transactions have multiplied in comparison to the preceding week. As a percent this is four.forty five percent. Investors’ capital

In the equal situation, the opposite capital marketplace of the united states of america, Chittagong Stock Exchange (CSE) changed into additionally traded. In the outgoing week, the general index of CSE multiplied through one hundred twenty factors to 19 thousand 276 factors. a hundred and sixty crores 7 lakhs seventy four thousand 754 takas had been traded all through this time. 279 crore forty four lakh seventy five thousand 904 rupees had been traded withinside the preceding week. Investors’ capital

Among the 342 establishments traded this week, sixty eight establishments’ stocks and devices multiplied, 236 reduced and 38 remained unchanged.

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