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Rise of the index at the beginning of the transaction

After days of falling fees, buying and selling withinside the country’s inventory marketplace began out with a large upward thrust withinside the index at the 1/3 operating day of the week (September 6).

At the start of the day, the percentage fees of virtually all sectors rose because of excessive purchaser pressure. In the primary 15 mins of buying and selling, the primary index of Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE), the primary capital marketplace of the country, extended through fifty one factors.

Another capital marketplace Chittagong Stock Exchange (CSE) primary index extended through 15 factors. Share fees of maximum agencies rose in conjunction with indices in each the markets.

According to DSE data, buying and selling began out nowadays at 9:30 am as usual. In the primary forty five mins, stocks and devices of 297 agencies had been traded on DSE. Among them, the percentage charge of 194 agencies extended, 37 reduced and sixty six remained unchanged.

At this time, the primary index of DSE, DSEX, extended through fifty one factors to 6,481 factors. Among the opposite indices, the DSES index rose through 15 factors. The DS-30 index rose through 20 factors from the preceding day. During this period, stocks really well worth 141 crore seventy one lakh 34 thousand rupees had been traded in DSE.

The equal state of affairs is being traded withinside the Chittagong Stock Exchange (CSE). In the primary 15 mins, the general index of CSE CASPI extended through 15 factors to 18 thousand 919 factors. The transaction turned into forty nine crore seventy one lakh 490 taka.

Shares and devices of 36 agencies had been traded in 15 mins on CSE. Among them, the percentage charge of 21 agencies extended, 10 reduced, and five remained unchanged.

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